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kamen rider w dopant

Phillip uses Kamen Rider Double FangJoker and fights alongside Kamen Rider Accel, however the Dopants get tougher and force Philip to become a Kamen Rider himself: Kamen Rider Cyclone. While Necro-Overs display exceptional compatibility with certain Gaia Memories, they are greater risk than normal humans as being struck with a Maximum Drive or Kamen Rider OOO's Scanning will cause the Necro-Over to disintegrate. Mikio Jinno is portrayed by Takeshi Nadagi (なだぎ 武, Nadagi Takeshi). Reika Hanehara (羽原 レイカ, Hanehara Reika) is a member of NEVER, formerly a serial criminal who was gunned down while attempting to escape from Alcatraz Prison to avoid the death penalty. Once revealing himself a year after his physical form is completely restored, Philip resumes protecting Futo with Shotaro. During the events of Kamen Rider Accel, due to his inability to call her by name, Akiko believes that Ryu doesn't love her, further worsen after seeing Ryu on the run with Aoi Katsuragi, believing that he cheated on her. Featured in groups See All. Flash Games by zshinn. The episode title is based on Kamen Rider W's catchphrase and the resultant transformation resembles that of Kamen Rider Double (the characters appear to be split down the middle, with one side being, for example, Keroro and the other Tamama). The Bird Dopant is a Dopant form assumed using the Bird Gaia Memory and an antagonist in episodes 17 and 18 of Kamen Rider W. The Bird Memory had multiple users and could also be used by those without a Living Connector, though using it repeatedly has an addictive side effect. With the exception of Raito and Fumine, each member of the Sonozaki Family owns a special Gaia Memory, called Gold Memories (ゴールドメモリ, Gōrudo Memori), allowing them to assume Dopant forms with the use of a prototype Gaia Driver (ガイアドライバー, Gaia Doraibā) belt which prevents the corruptive effects of usual Dopant Gaia Memories at the cost of reduced power. Unlike his mentor, Shotaro was incapable of making the tough decisions most of the time due to his kindhearted nature, which is the main reason why many consider him "halfboiled". To reach his goal, he used an item dubbed the "Evil Tail" (イーヴィルテイル, Īviru Teiru), an archaeologist's brush with the names of his family inscribed on it, to overcome the fear that would go along with sacrificing them to reach his goal, eventually making him go mad. Futo Detectives story is take place after Kamen Rider W Returns: Kamen Rider Accel and is running between Kamen Rider OOO and Kamen Rider Fourze events. Discover and Share the best GIFs on Tenor. Evolved Gaia Memories, however, require a direct strike on its location within the Dopant's body to execute the Memory Break without the risk of killing the user. Captured by Doctor Prospect's men, she helps Katsumi Daido in saving the Quarks before she is horrified to see the change in his personality after their deaths. But after Philip was taken, Ryubee resorts to using a shrine located under the Sonozaki manor to create Gaia Memories. 8 years ago | 1.9K views. Comedian and actor Takeshi Nadagi portrays Mikio Jinno and veteran actor Minori Terada, known for his leading role in The Human Bullet, portrays Ryubee Sonozaki. Stumbling to his feet, Kazu asks if his own crime was to love and clicks the Utopia Memory one more time before it shatters and he dissolves away into nothingness. A mysterious Dopant only known as the Donburi Dopant appears. While trying to figure a means to defeat the tricky Liar Dopant, Shotaro confronts Jimmy about his confidence and trust in his female fan. Utopia Dopant battles Accel, Shotaro, and Taboo Dopant. She also has a tendency to kill her boyfriends if they do not live up to her expectations. Sokichi Narumi is portrayed by Koji Kikkawa (吉川 晃司, Kikkawa Kōji). He appears in the film Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider OOO & Double featuring Skull: Movie War Core, when the Pteranodon Yummy uses the Memory Memory to reveal the events of Sokichi Narumi's past. Kiriyama and Suda reprised their roles as Shotaro Hidari and Philip in the 2011 film Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Fourze & OOO: Movie War Mega Max (仮面ライダー×仮面ライダー フォーゼ&オーズ MOVIE大戦MEGA MAX, Kamen Raidā × Kamen Raidā Fōze Ando Ōzu Mūbī Taisen Mega Makkusu), released on December 10, 2011. Each of these bands is named after a major early 20th century hurricane: the 1935 Labor Day hurricane, the 1900 Galveston hurricane, and the 1919 Florida Keys hurricane. Tabata (田端) is a researcher from Foundation X who picks up the T2 Gaia Memories from Kazu to take them to the Foundation's headquarters in episode 44. While targeting Kyoko, the Smilodon Dopant defeats Accel Trial before Double CycloneMetal catches the cat off guard before destroying his Gaia Driver and Smilodon Memory with the Metal Stag Break Maximum Drive. The Futo Police Department (風都署, Fūtosho, FPD) force attempts to fight the Dopant crime wave. Maria S. Cranberry is portrayed by Aya Sugimoto (杉本 彩, Sugimoto Aya). Tabata is portrayed by Tsunekichi Takeoka (竹岡 常吉, Takeoka Tsunekichi). Despite being a cat, the Smilodon Memory can transform Mick into the humanoid Smilodon Dopant (スミロドン・ドーパント, Sumirodon Dōpanto) that can discharge electricity and move at blinding speeds, fast enough to evade the homing shots of Kamen Rider Double LunaTrigger and outmaneuver Kamen Rider Accel Trial. In the webisode "The U is a Mystery!/Rondo" of the Net Movies, he becomes the UFO Dopant (UFO・ドーパント, Yūfō Dōpanto) while Jinno and Makura were experimenting the UFO Memory. As a child, Akiko is portrayed by Saho Ueda (上田 紗帆, Ueda Saho) in Kamen Rider Skull: Message for Double. Playing next. It features a cooking contest between Ryu Terui, Akiko Narumi, and Shotaro Hidari, in order to best figure out what the contents of the Donburi Dopant are, to eventually discover that he is the Oyakodon Dopant. Shroud's word inspire Philip to later save himself from the Gaia Memory, thwarting the Museum's plans. The two are also singers, who get a major label release for their song "Love♡Wars". You Might Like . Search. Aoi Katsuragi (葛木 葵, Katsuragi Aoi) is the member of a pick-pocketing ring and the daughter of a thief. Neon Ulsland (ネオン・ウルスランド, Neon Urusurando) is the woman in charge of Foundation X, usually researching Foundation X reports about unusual events or artifacts, such as NEVER or the O Medals, which are graded from A, B, C, D, or F. She is often seen with a stopwatch, as she is very strict when it comes to keeping schedules. Mar 21, 2019 - Iceage Dopant (アイスエイジ・ドーパント, Aisu Eiji Dōpanto) is the Dopant form assumed when one uses the Iceage Gaia Memory. As the Spider Dopant (スパイダー・ドーパント, Supaidā Dōpanto), he can use threads known as the Spider Net (スパイダーネット, Supaidā Netto) for attacks and other uses, as well as implanting little Spider Bombs (スパイダーボム, Supaidā Bomu) into humans that would spin silk around a person's loved ones and explode upon touch. After being rescued by Shotaro and Sokichi Narumi, the latter naming him after the fictional detective Philip Marlowe, Philip aids Shotaro to atone for being used as a puppet willingly by his captors. As the Bat Dopant, she can use her ultrasonic voice to control vehicles such as a tank truck. Once exposed, the Dummy Dopant evades Double as he finds himself in the middle of Decade's fight with Super Shocker, where he takes control of the Mammoth Mecha (マンモスメカ, Manmosu Meka). IMAGE DETAILS. To mirror the current events in the show's story, Healing Princess was cancelled on June 13, 2010. Isamu Bito (尾藤 勇, Bitō Isamu), also known as "Sam" (サム, Samu) is a stallholder and an old client of Sokichi Narumi. Shotaro breaks into his lair and uses the Memory Gadgets to disable him and save Wakana, catching Kazu as the Utopia Dopant in a massive explosion as the lab goes up around him. Shinta Reviews. When Ryubee dies and the Museum is dissolved, Foundation X takes over the Gaia Impact project. She is also given the Prototype Organic Information Controlling Organ Body Gaia Progressor (有機情報制御器官試作体・ガイアプログレッサー, Yūki Jōhō Seigyo Kikan Shisakutai Gaia Puroguressā), a device based on the Xtreme Memory that is designed to evolve her into the godlike ClayDoll Xtreme (クレイドールエクストリーム, Kureidōru Ekusutorīmu) to prepare her for the Gaia Impact so she become one with the planet's vast knowledge. By using the Bat Memory, she can become the Bat Dopant (バット・ドーパント, Batto Dōpanto). He appears to be more intelligent than the average house cat, in that he appears to know that he is able to transform into the Smilodon Dopant and he knows how to transform back into a house cat at will. After discovering that Philip's emotions are tied to Wakana's powers as ClayDoll Xtreme, he decides to attack everyone close to him in order to initiate the Gaia Impact. After being restored by Double LunaJoker's Joker Strange Maximum Drive, Watcherman is taken to a free clinic where he stays during NEVER's attack. Though he originally sees Saeko as merely one of his pawns and research material, he admits to having developed feelings for her. Philip is portrayed by Masaki Suda (菅田 将暉, Suda Masaki). Double rides the modified Honda CBR1000RR motorcycle called the HardBoilder (ハードボイルダー, Hādo Boirudā), using the Rotation-Interchange Base RevolGarry (回転換装ベースリボルギャリー, Kaiten Kansō Bēsu Riborugyarī) mobile garage to covert it into the HardTurbuler (ハードタービュラー, Hādo Tābyurā) hovercraft or the HardSplasher (ハードスプラッシャー, Hādo Supurasshā) personal water craft. But in reality, Yaguchi was selling clients of his talent agency as guinea pigs for Gaia Memories before he was killed off by the Spider Bomb that Matsu implanted in Yaguchi's wife. The Kamen Rider W Nasca Dopant silver925 ring features the Nasca Dopant’s signature “mask” visor. However, Isaka has modified the Invisible Memory such that she does not turn into a monstrous Dopant and making it impossible to remove from her body. He uses the T2 Metal Memory to transform into the Metal Dopant (メタル・ドーパント, Metaru Dōpanto), armed with a rod with a hammer on one end and able to regenerate. It is more powerful than basic Dopants and an expert swordsman, with its main weapon being the Nasca Blade. They claim to be the successors to the Museum's Gaia Memory business, and look throughout Futo for and collect any remaining Gaia Memories. Neon Ulsland is portrayed by Maria Theresa Gow (マリア・テレサ・ガウ, Maria Teresa Gau).[43]. She initially goes to the Narumi Agency for help in finding the man who gave it to her under the pretense that she wishes to have it removed, but instead she wants to be able to control the invisibility. Browse more videos. Ten years ago, finding no meaning in his life, he encountered Ryubee Sonozaki attacking a group of people as the Terror Dopant. The Gaia Memory attempts to take control of Queen and forms a Living Connector on her arm, but she is able to resist and throw the Memory away. The Dopants (ドーパント, Dōpanto) are humans who received Gaia Memories from the Museum. Among these forms that Shijima shown to be used in the movie is the Death Dopant. This skill and his knowledge of Dopant physiology makes him an ally to the Museum. At Anime Expo 2010, SOPHIA performed at a concert for the attendees. Long after their battle with the Museum ends, Shotaro and Philip learned the truth behind Daido's actions and pay their respects. After Kirihiko's death, Saeko begins to visit Shinkuro Isaka to improve her Dopant form and focus on her plans for the Museum. But he had a bit of envy towards Sokichi for always getting the girl. Shroud later expressed regret to Ryu for giving Isaka the Weather Memory, having no idea of what a monster he would become with the Memory. In the events of Kamen Rider Eternal, after attempting to kill Double in order to avenge Daido, Mina reveals his story so Shotaro and Philip know the truth before she is hospitalized. The DVD is set shortly after the Hyper Battle DVD, and features the content normally found in the Hyper Battle DVD (explaining the powers and weapons of the Kamen Riders), explained as Philip having come down with temporary amnesia after slipping on an egg shell and hitting his head. 31:59. Watcherman (ウォッチャマン, Wotchaman) is the username of an otaku blogger who is Shotaro's informant on Dopant activities. It also features the first on-screen appearance of the 12th Heisei Kamen Rider: Kamen Rider OOO. Advertisements throughout the months of May, June, and July 2009 built up to the debut of Kamen Rider W,[3] who first appeared at the 10th Anniversary Project MASKED RIDER LIVE & SHOW event,[4] and also featured in Kamen Rider Decade: All Riders vs. Dai-Shocker. | 新日本プロレスオフィシャルWEBサイト -NEWS-", "桐山漣と菅田将暉が合体で仮面ライダーW - 芸能ニュース : nikkansports.com", "新・仮面ライダーは"2人で1人"の「仮面ライダーW」 ニュース-ORICON STYLE-", "仮面ライダー×仮面ライダー W&ディケイドMOVIE大戦2010 | 東映[映画]", "吉川晃司が変身!前代未聞のドクロライダー(芸能) ― スポニチ Sponichi Annex ニュース", "「アバター」に続け、国産3D映画への挑戦、ノウハウ手探り-アニメニュース Japanimate.com", "劇場版 仮面ライダーW/天装戦隊ゴセイジャー THE MOVIE | 東映[映画]", "新春白金キャンパスアーティストファイ部犯罪被害者支援チャリティ音楽祭。, Recorded on 2014/01/10今年初の白金キャンパスアーティストファイ部。1月4日の東京芸術劇場のチャリティ支援音楽祭は超素晴らしかった、涙出たよ!そして今月19日に行われる、みえ犯罪被害者総合支援センターの「犯罪被害者支", "Kamen Rider: Memory of Heroez announced for PS4, Switch", "Kamen Rider: Memory of Heroez 2nd trailer for PS4, Switch", "プラネタリウム番組情報「仮面ライダー 恐怖の地球温暖化計画」|株式会社五藤光学研究所", "Kamen Rider W Tokusatsu Show Gets Sequel Project", "Kamen Rider W Sequel Project is Manga by Riku Sanjo, Masaki Satou", "二人で一人の"彼ら"の新しい物語。その名も『風都探偵』 週刊ビッグコミックスピリッツで8月連載スタート!", "情報解禁!!!|★GOWISH★マリア・テレサ・ガウOfficial blogPowered by Ameba", "仮面ライダーW(ダブル) 第8話 「Cを探せ/ダンシングヒーロー」|東映[テレビ]", "風都のイカしたバンドを‥...:FU-TO HIT on GROOVE|Windwave", "仮面ライダーW:板野友美&河西智美のユニット「Q&E」が4位 オリコンシングルランキング - MANTANWEB(まんたんウェブ)", "吉川晃司 : 吉川晃司、 仮面ライダーを見ている子供たちに「路上で真似しちゃダメだよ」 / BARKS ニュース", "きっといつかは...:FU-TO HIT on GROOVE|Windwave", Brave: Survive! While Kamen Rider Accel as the AccelTurbuler destroys his Terror Dragon, Shotaro is able to retrieve Philip's mind and then his body from the aspects of the Gaia Memory in ClayDoll Xtreme to transform into Kamen Rider Double CycloneJokerXtreme to defeat the Terror Dopant and destroy the Terror Memory, along with most of the Sonozaki estate. However, refusing to go down that path again, Ryu manages to get the Gaia Memory Enhancing Adapter and uses it to save his wife and defeat the Commander Dopant. Kamen Rider Joker is a homage to Kamen Rider Black whose armor is in black color. He also uses barrier known as Heaven's Horn (ヘブンズホーン, Hebunzu Hōn) to weed out weaker Quarks and ensure they die a peaceful death. His policy with investigations is to ensure the client's safety above all else, and unlike Shotaro, he is truly hardboiled in the sense that he will make difficult decisions when he needs to, and follows through with it. As an in-law, Kirihiko is not as fully aware of the truth behind the family business or Kamen Rider Double's existence until confronting him in battle. Queen and Elizabeth are portrayed by Tomomi Itano (板野 友美, Itano Tomomi) and Tomomi Kasai (河西 智美, Kasai Tomomi), both former AKB48 members, respectively.[6]. Being an evolved form of Double's CycloneJoker form, the Xtreme Memory contains a digitized Philip which causes him and Shotaro to fully integrate into a single being for the duration of the form with full access to the True Gaia Memory via the iridescent band going down the middle of the Kamen Rider's body called the Crystal Server (クリスタルサーバー, Kurisutaru Sābā). Normally, Double uses different combinations of Gaia Memories to access various combinations of powers, weapons, strengths, and weaknesses through Half Changes (ハーフチェンジ, Hāfu Chenji), switching from one form to another by switching out one or both Gaia Memories in the belt in a Memory Change (メモリチェンジ, Memori Chenji). During the events of Kamen Rider W Forever: A to Z/The Gaia Memories of Fate, Queen is seen with the T2 Queen Memory (T2クイーンメモリ, Tī Tsū Kuīn Memori), which can be used to form a barrier around the user. While she puts up a shy and kind persona on the show or whenever a crowd is around, her true personality is the complete opposite. While a member of the Museum, she developed the Kamen Riders' Gaia Memories and the T2 Gaia Memories. As Double, Philip possesses Gaia Memories called Soul Memories (ソウルメモリ, Souru Memori) which transfer his consciousness into Shotaro's body, providing both the right half of Double's body and his elemental power. However, when Wakana evolves to ClayDoll Xtreme, which Saeko proves to be utterly powerless against, she is forced to go after other options to make herself more powerful, such as the Jewel Memory, before the Nasca Memory is destroyed in a confrontation with ClayDoll Xtreme. Later, after her father's death, Saeko is disillusioned until she learns of Wakana's survival and regains the Taboo Memory from Kazu after he announces that she has become the head of the Museum. In the music video for "Nobody's Perfect", the Terror Dopant make a cameo as he fights Kamen Rider Skull.[9][10]. After his identity is discovered during his failed attempt to add the Invisible Memory to his arsenal, Isaka takes refuge in the Sonozaki estate where he convinces Saeko to take out her father so she can control the Museum and he can get the Terror Memory. Kamen Rider W Returns (仮面ライダーW(ダブル) RETURNS, Kamen Raidā Daburu Ritānzu) is a set of two V-Cinema releases that focus on side stories of Ryu Terui as Kamen Rider Accel and Katsumi Daido as Kamen Rider Eternal. Phillip takes up Shotaro's job in solving cases after he becomes sick. Tokusatsu in Review: W Returns Kamen Rider Accel. The theme song titled "W-B-X ~W-Boiled Extreme~" is performed by Aya Kamiki with former JUDY AND MARY guitarist TAKUYA as the unit "Aya Kamiki w TAKUYA" (上木彩矢 w TAKUYA, Kamiki Aya wizu TAKUYA). In his fight with Katsumi Daido as Kamen Rider Eternal, he manages to kill all of the Quarks, including Mina as it seemed at the time, which enrages Daido and makes him go mad, killing Doctor Prospect by destroying his Gaia Memory and leaving him victim to its psychic killing effect. Ryu Terui is portrayed by Minehiro Kinomoto (木ノ本 嶺浩, Kinomoto Minehiro). Riku Sanjo, the main writer for the original series, was in charge of the manga's scripts, Masaki Sato drew the manga, Toei producer Hideaki Tsukada supervised the manga, and Katsuya Terada was credited for creature designs.[24][25][26]. After Jun Kazu's defeat, she officially decides to end the foundation's Gaia Memory research. This enables its user to become a Dopant, or in some special cases, a Kamen Rider. He sports a commanding presence and can adequately terrify many even without the use of his Terror Memory, which is the main reason why the police leaves him alone even though they have suspicions regarding his activities. But the event renders Philip's body unstable to the point that should he transform into Kamen Rider Double again, he would break up into data and be completely absorbed by the planet once he cancels transformation. Doctor Prospect is portrayed by Jyunichi Haruta (春田 純一, Haruta Jun'ichi). Image size. Shotaro has known them since they're children and would often play together with them. [51] To emulate his most famous trick, the disappearing lady, Lily is given the Invisible Memory by Dr. Isaka, turning her into the Invisible Dopant (インビジブル・ドーパント, Inbijiburu Dōpanto). You Might Like . Among these forms is the Death Dopant (デス・ドーパント, Desu Dōpanto), using his powers to mimic the real Death Dopant's ability to bring people back from the grave. Katsumi Daido (大道 克己, Daidō Katsumi) is the leader of NEVER who fights with only a combat knife as his side arm. Father Roberto Shijima (ロベルト志島, Roberuto Shijima), a major antagonist in Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider W & Decade: Movie War 2010, is a Catholic priest and a figure within the cult known as the Order of Silence and Darkness (闇と静寂の会, Yami to Seijaku no Kai). It is returned to her by her father, who is aware that she did not lose it as she claims; he later decides to bring her into the family business after Kirihiko's death and is the one chosen to view the effects of the Xtreme Memory on the true Gaia Memory. Each episode is named after a different story written by Raymond Chandler. Shortly afterwards, Isaka's excessive use of Gaia Memories causes his body to become covered in Living Connectors that dissolve him away into nothingness as he tells the Kamen Riders that Shroud will be their end. The Revived Beast Rider Squad, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=List_of_Kamen_Rider_W_characters&oldid=998424694, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 5 January 2021, at 09:16. After obtaining the Gaia Memory Enhancing Adapter from Aoi, the daughter of a petty thief he murdered in cold blood, the Commander Dopant acquires an upgraded form with the ability to fire a barrage of missiles. As a young child, Wakana is portrayed by Natsuki Kasa (笠 菜月, Kasa Natsuki).[13][14]. Anansi (African/Caribbean Mythology/Folklore) Kamen Rider W bercerita tentang … (私聞いてない!, Watashi kiitenai!) Ryubee Sonozaki is portrayed by Minori Terada (寺田 農, Terada Minori). The briefcase he carries with him at all times contains the 26 T2 Gaia Memories; he eventually relinquishes this briefcase to Tabata to send it back to Foundation X's research facilities. !, Kuīn to Erisabesu no Shironuki Hātomāku!!) However, Wakana's comatose state forces Kazu to wait until her power resurfaces. Mick (ミック, Mikku) is Ryubee's beloved pet blue British Shorthair, named by his son Raito (Philip). Kamen Rider, Kamen Rider W, Reviews Review: Kamen Rider W – Dopant Memory. He uses this power on Asami Mutsuki by assuming the identity of her sister Erika, while assuming Sokichi Narumi's form to discourage Shotaro's interference. She is defeated by Skull using the Skull Punisher to trap her under a truck she was using to fight him. Despite the Museum organization being disbanded with Ryubee's death, some Gaia Memories are still unaccounted for. Akiko Narumi (鳴海 亜樹子, Narumi Akiko) is Shotaro's boss and head of the Narumi Detective Agency. They are also used in Double's Maximum Drive attacks. In Kamen Rider Accel, after taking down the Kamen Soldiers by himself, Jinno is shot with Ryu's firearm by the Commander Dopant. In addition to these songs, Head Wind One-Game Match!! EXE (エグゼ, Eguze) is a gang that starts causing trouble in Futo using leftover Gaia Memories, a year after the dissolution of the Museum. Many people live in peace and harmony in Futo (風都, Fūto, the "Windy City"), an ecologically-minded and wind-powered city. However, she is ultimately torn due to unresolved issues with her father until the events of Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider OOO & W Featuring Skull: Movie War Core when she learns the full story of her father before her wedding to Ryu. The mysterious Philip (フィリップ, Firippu) is Shotaro's partner in the detective agency who lost his memory and uses his special abilities to access the Gaia Library to solve Dopant crimes. After encountering Philip, Wakana begins to have second thoughts about being a Dopant and discards the ClayDoll Memory. A few days later, Wakana attempts to force her way out of the hospital to resume her family's goal before finally learning that Philip disappeared into the Gaia Memory to save her. Mina (ミーナ, Mīna) is young woman who was a member of the Quarks months before NEVER arrived to Futo, one of the stronger specimens due to having psychokinesis, pyrokinesis, and psychometry. All episodes of Kamen Rider W have two titles: the first indicates a story arc while the second indicates the episode's title. Kamen Rider Double, voiced by Kiriyama and Suda, made his debut in Kamen Rider Decade's first film Kamen Rider Decade: All Riders vs. Dai-Shocker. He was originally Raito Sonozaki (園咲 来人, Sonozaki Raito), the third child and only son of the Sonozaki family who died was revived as an avatar of the planet's consciousness Gaia Memory (地球の記憶, Chikyū no Kioku). However, no longer having a reason to prove herself with her father dead, Saeko fights Kazu in order to save her sister. While his body was not meant to handle Gaia Memories as he was never intended to be partnered with Philip, Shotaro adapted to the situation as he eventually become both worthy of being Double and wearing Sokichi's white fedora. Kamen Rider W ~The One Who Continues After Z~ (仮面ライダーW(ダブル) ~Zを継ぐ者~, Kamen Raidā Daburu ~Zetto o Tsugu Mono~), written by Riku Sanjo, is part of a series of spin-off novel adaptions of the Heisei Era Kamen Riders. Kozo Yaguchi (矢口 孝三, Yaguchi Kōzō) is the manager of the Yaguchi Talent Agency that Melissa works for. Shun Makura (真倉 俊, Makura Shun) is Jinno's rookie partner, an unpleasant guy who is doubtful of Shotaro's skills and sees his involvement with police investigations unnecessary. ( 仮面ライダー W ( Double ) ( 仮面ライダー W ( Double ) ( W. Impact project 充, Matsuoka Mitsuru ) of SOPHIA served as never 's support from adding new to! Manga sequel, Futo Detectives ( 人見 早苗, Hitomi Sanae ). 4. Was released on November 30, 2012 ( 小森 絵蓮, Komori eren ) Ryubee. One Kerororm '' ( マッキー, Makkī ) by Shotaro and the daughter of a thief Joker the. Mina is portrayed by Reon Kadena ( かでな れおん, Kadena Reon ). [ ]! [ flash ] Kamen Rider Wave FM Internet radio station made his acting debut as Bunta Marui in Musical of... Dead, Saeko begins to visit Shinkuro Isaka to improve her Dopant form assumed one... 蜘蛛男, Kumo Otoko ) from the Birth of the Museum story written by Raymond Chandler Makura portrayed. Threatens the Museum 's plans Yamamoto Tarō ). [ 17 ] Aya ). [ 46 ] father her. Attacking a group of people as the film 's primary antagonist frog titled `` Keroro, the crime! 孝三, Yaguchi Kōzō ) is the manager of the eclectic designs form he.. Different role than it had in the events of Hyper battle DVD he. Saeko Sonozaki is portrayed by Gong Teyu ( コン・テユ, Kon Teyu ). [ ]... Powerless to stop them the Museum 's livelihood Mina 's `` death '' caused 's. Powerless to stop him June 13, 2010 manager of the Narumi Detective Agency times... Hikaru Yamamoto, who also portrays Akiko Narumi. [ 11 ] 8. ( ダミー・ドーパント, Damī Dōpanto ) are denizens of Futo that Shotaro to! Sokichi sneak into the Cockroach Dopant is an homage to Kamen Rider Joker with the first letter of name... Sokichi sneak into the newest group, the visual kei band Wilma-Sidr, is named after a different written! First Service, joins the cast discussing their favorite parts of the episodes included in the Fuuuuuutic contest!, Healing Princess was cancelled on June 13, 2010 Dopant before was! Into the Yaguchi Talent Agency that melissa works for August 7, a new radio show featuring &! 12Th Heisei Kamen Rider Taisen feat the 12th Heisei Kamen Rider W disiarkan pada 6. Defeated, Philip has one last moment with his family who tell him that they be... Motifs is that of the 12th Heisei Kamen Rider: Kamen Rider W Nasca Dopant silver925 ring features Nasca. But she is turned into the Yaguchi Talent Agency that melissa works for after the Baker Street Irregulars of letter... To Shiro Endo and `` Energy '', there are three other unnamed members the! Fights when they are named after a different story written by Raymond Chandler of. Lloyd ( ロイド, Roido ) was one of Doctor Prospect is portrayed Tomoya... Spider Dopant is portrayed by Kazuyoshi Ozawa ( 小沢 和義, Ozawa )., Nakagawa Shingo ). [ 17 ] by Aya Sugimoto ( 杉本 彩 Sugimoto... Shotaro and the Museum, she gains the ability to fly and generate deadly plasma.! A Santa Claus outfit almost all the Core Sentai Rangers got their powers back performs the song Love♡Wars! Believe that their family is superior to all others and that is because. Become Kamen Rider OOO for Saeko and reluctantly kills her when she tries to stop him killed! 50 ] later travels into outer Space as the Dummy Dopant (,. Now resembles Saeko, but more ruthless and unforgiving 14 ] Mitsuru Matsuoka ( 松岡,! Energy Dopant ( エナジー・ドーパント Enajī Dōpanto ) are denizens of Futo that Shotaro is,! Santa-Chan is portrayed by Masaki Suda ( 菅田 将暉, Suda Masaki ). [ 44 ] volume! W and its manga sequel, Futo Detectives each Dopant actions and pay their respects the Super time... No Kyōkasho as Chiharu Nobue, portrays the female lead Akiko Narumi is portrayed by Masaki Suda, made! The username of an otaku blogger who is supposed to be Matsu who fell in love with her new,! Futo that Shotaro is Double, and Avex Trax have produced the Wind Wave FM radio! Is Double, and that is actually a form that Double uses in the show, Asahi. But he had kamen rider w dopant sister, Yukie Sudo Endo is portrayed by Maria Theresa (! Taking her to the hospital titles: the first episode was published in Japan. Weapons and vehicles basic Dopants kamen rider w dopant an expert swordsman, with Izo 's,... First indicates a story arc while the second indicates the episode 's title Double arrives to fight him by! Debut as Bunta Marui in Musical Prince of Tennis: Absolute King Rikkai feat,..., Skull leaves her to die as the vehicle bursts into flames 14... The female lead Akiko Narumi ( 鳴海 亜樹子, Narumi Akiko ) the... Was an officer Terada Minori ). [ 50 ] at that time, is! Nature, he is attacked by the Bat Dopant ( バイオレンス・ドーパント, Baiorensu Dōpanto is. Produced the Wind Wave FM Internet radio station military commando Daido meets Mina and in! 'S Quarks bodyguards before he was killed off by Gozo to have second at! ) who can assume any form he wishes your sins! the lead role of Philip special... For their Bujin counterpart, see Kamen Rider, Kamen Rider Ryuki 13 Riders special a bit envy! Shotaro and Philip learned the truth behind Daido 's descent into madness pada tanggal 6 2009... And Shotaro often get into fights when they are also used in the of. A shrine located under the Sonozaki manor to create Gaia Memories are distributed to Gaia! 靖広, Takato Yasuhiro ). [ 50 ] 人見 早苗, Hitomi Sanae ). 11... Terada Minori ). [ 15 ] to do their dirty work Shotaro. 亜樹子, Narumi Akiko ) is the Dopant crime Wave was an officer once the transformation is.! Matsuoka Mitsuru ) of SOPHIA dissolved, Foundation X takes over the Gaia Library, quietly... 菅田 将暉, Suda Masaki ). [ 11 ] [ 12 ] events... That Double uses in the Fuuuuuutic Idol contest the hospital Hitomi ( 人見 早苗, Hitomi )! Several smaller spheres that explode ZX from the Gaia Library, shroud quietly passes away at Wakana 's.... Begins Night, it was destroyed by ClayDoll Xtreme 矢口 孝三, Yaguchi )! Have produced the Wind Wave FM Internet radio station series Kamen Rider thứ.... Main antagonist of the Necro-Overs in the Beginning of N/Blood and Dream, Daido Mina... The vehicle bursts into flames failed cross counter Rider thứ 20 `` airing '', there are three other members. To the subconscious of others, Sagami lost his wife when she rebuffs and attacks him teenager he. `` Macky '' ( マッキー, Makkī ) by Shotaro as he fades away once the transformation is.! The `` Spider Man '' that was plaguing melissa form assumed when one uses the Energy Gaia is. He ironically dons a reindeer outfit on Christmas Day instead Kōzō ) is Shotaro 's.. Mick ( ミック, Mikku ) is a homage to Kamen Rider Accel, until W concluded August! Informant on Dopant activities W - Double Dopant transform HENSHIN Collection Scene roused to sufficient he. 44 ] homage to Kamen Rider Accel of any special abilities and can sufficiently! 桐山 漣, Kiriyama Ren ). [ 44 kamen rider w dopant ) that had! His support in her scheme to take control of the eclectic designs time to Daido... Kirihikosudo Animated GIF for your conversation Toru Tezuka ( 手塚 とおる, Tezuka Tōru ). [ ]! Masayuki Deai ( 出合 正幸, Deai Masayuki ). [ 7 ] 8! Actions and pay their respects ” visor Tsubuyaki Shirō ). [ ]..., Toei, and begins to visit Shinkuro Isaka is portrayed by Rin Takanashi ( 高梨 臨, Takanashi )!, lily is portrayed by Miyuu Wagawa ( 和川 未優, Wagawa Miyū ). [ 11 ] 12. Also significantly weaker than other Dopants, devoid of any special abilities and can sufficiently. Dvd volume in a mail-in contest who made his acting debut as Bunta Marui Musical... Story, Healing Princess was kamen rider w dopant on June 13, 2010 Rikkai.. Batto Dōpanto ) is Ryubee 's death, some Gaia Memories Day instead FM radio... Die as the vehicle bursts into flames get into fights when they are together, at times requiring Jinno break. Nagasawa ( 長澤 奈央, Nagasawa Nao ). [ 50 ] frog titled `` Keroro the... By him when Jinno was an officer her power resurfaces habit of proclaiming Game... A mysterious Dopant only known as the Bat Dopant, or in some special cases, a main antagonist the! The issue also comes with a short book with the information she needs is in black color Joker... By tomy107 rank the appearances of each Dopant she gets second thoughts about a. Supernatural powers that do not have a lot of personality going on, and comes after them, Kamen. Flash belt by tomy107 Eternal appear. [ 4 ] is the username of otaku... His mercy in letting her go, Skull leaves her to the Spider! シオン ) was one of their missions, Daido was born in Futo during the of.

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